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iBooks are copies of presentations provided in a flip style online book that you can browse online on various devices.  They are useful to review presentations used in our training.

Client Information Handbook

Boiler Courses

Boiler Standard Course (with notes)

Boiler Standard Course

Boiler Standard and Steam Fundamentals (Hidden Valley Mining)

Boiler Advanced Course (with notes)

Boiler Advanced Course

Steam Power & Co-generation Modules

Modules 1-5 are used for Boiler Advanced Courses with Modules 1, 6,7 & 9 for Steam Turbine Courses.  Modules 8, 10 & 11 are supplementary.

SPC1 - Co-Generation and Other Turbine Cycles

SPC2 - Steam Production

SPC3 - Fuels & Combustion

SPC4 - Boiler Operation

SPC5 - Boiler Control - Operation - Environmental - Chemical

SPC6 - Steam Turbine Construction

SPC7 - Steam Turbine Operation

SPC8 - Power Generation

SPC9 - Plant Auxiliary Systems

SPC10 - Power Plant Maintenance

SPC11 - Combined Heat & Power Systems