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Our staff and contractors come from a number of backgrounds and have a range of diverse skills and knowledge. To learn more about our team please use the links in the Trainer's menu.


Trainer/Assessor Information

Information for Trainers and Assessors is available from this page.

Trainer Portal and FileTrak

Trainer/Assessor can access the Trainer Portal and FileTrak.

Staff Handbook

You should read and be conversant with the Staff Handbook available here.

Staff Handbook


Forms you may require will be available here but also from the Team Site.

Access Authorisation Form

If you require access to information of a sensitive nature you will be required to complete the Access Authorisation Form.

Download Form

Corrective Action Form

The Corrective Action Form is used by Trainer/Assessor, Trainee and Employers who wish to recommend an action to correct or enhance our resources or services.

Download Form

WHS Forms

For these forms you should right click the icon and download the form.

WHSQ HRW Notification Form


WHSQ Assessor Checklist


Application for Assessment by a WorkSafe NSW Accredited Assessor


Induction Checklist Form

We use our Induction Checklist Form to ensure you are informed of our processes and your rights.

Download Form


Privacy Photo Consent Form

The Privacy Photo Consent Form allows you to authorise us to retain and use certain photographic and electronic images in our records.

Download Form


Duty Statements

The Training Coordinator Duty Statement is available here.


The Trainer & Assessor Duty Statement is available here.



The presentations below can be viewed on PC, Laptop, Tablets and Smart Phones.

Use the Button at the bottom left of the screen to advance the presentation if it is not scheduled to run itself.

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