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Steam Power & Co-Generation

The Steam Power and Cogeneration (SPC) Training Package is DVD based and sections of it are used as part of our HRW Licence Training.  It can also be studied online via our Virtual University site.

This course is NOT Nationally recognised in itself but is a useful means of providing Engineers, Technicians and other staff with a detailed overview of Steam Power Station Plant and Operation.  It may also be a source of information for other Process Plant Operators.

The SPC has the following units:
1.    Cogeneration & Other Turbine Cycles
2.    Steam Production
3.    Fuels and Combustion
4.    Boiler Operation
5.    Boiler Control - Operation - Environmental – Chemical
6.    Steam Turbine Construction
7.    Steam Turbine Operation and Control
8.    Power Generation
9.    Plant Auxiliary Systems

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