Client Information Handbook

All the information you require as a student is available in our Client Information Handbook and this will be emailed to you on enrollment.

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Initial Enquiries

Available Courses are listed here and you can click any of the Enquire buttons to access the Enquiry page and complete it providing as much detail in your enquiry as possible.

Scheduled Courses

Upcoming scheduled courses are listed for Corporate Clients.

Note:- Courses displayed with business details are not available to individuals.

All courses are fee for service and we do not provide any arrangements under the VET FEE-HELP, government funded subsidy or other financial support arrangements.

We also do not guarantee that:

  • a student will successfully complete a training product on our scope of registration, or
  • a training product can be completed in a manner which does not meet the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, or
  • a student will obtain a particular employment outcome where this is outside the control of the RTO.


Online Enrolment is the requested means of enrolling.

If Online Enrolment is not available then the Enrolment Form may be used

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What you will need for enrolment.

  • To have completed the Learning, Literacy and Numeracy Test - Access the LLN Test.
  • Proof of ID/Citizenship - Birth Certificate, Australian Passport, Naturalisation Certificate including the document number.
  • Proof of Age - Australian Driver's Licence or Learner's Permit, Proof of Age Card, Key Pass Card including the document number.
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Unique Student Identifier

The Unique Student Identifier is now a requirement in the VET sector when it comes to obtaining qualifications. If Online Enrolment is not available then the Enrolment Form may be used.

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Student Portal

Once enrolled you will be provided with information on how to access the Student Portal which allows you the ability to communicate with your Trainer and also to manage aspects of your training and to view your records.

Under the AQTF there is a requirement for maintaining training records for 30 years. For these reasons, DTW Designs uses the VETtrak EnterpriseĀ® Training Database for AVETMISS Compliance and Record Keeping.

Beside the AQTF, Workplace Health and Safety Authorities also require that records of Licence for High-Risk Work Assessments are maintained for 5 years.